Free The Children is an international charity founded Craig Kielburger in 1995. Craig was only 12 years of age when he started what is now one of the largest charity networks in the world; proving the notion that youth can make a difference!


• Free the children from poverty!
• Free the children from exploitation!
• Free the children from the notion that they are powerless to affect change!

The powerful messages of Free The Children has positively affected millions of youth and spread to 45 countries in the world.


• 350 000 young people engaged each year through motivational speaking tours and in-depth leadership training programs.
• 4000 Free the Children groups across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom taking action both globally and locally to create change.
• 207 000 school and health kits have been sent to children in need.
• 650 schools and school rooms have been built overseas
• 55 000 children have access to education every day because of the projects overseas
• $16 000 000 US dollars worth of essential medical supplies has been shipped to Asia, Latin America and Africa, benefiting more than 512,000 people.
• $1 000 000 people have improved access to clean water, health care and supplies.

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