My name is Sasha Shogga. I’m originally from West Bay, Ontario, but reside in Saskatoon S.K. and have for the past seven years. I’m currently enrolled at Nutana Collegiate In Saskatoon and will be graduating next year.

I’m interested in modelling, photography, swimming, acting, yoga, and cooking. I absolutely love animals. I have a dog named Little Bear who’s a golden retriever and loves to swim so, in our free time we go to the beach! I also have a new puppy named Kash, a cat named Milo, and a fish named Fred. I love them with all my heart. I think that all animals should be treated with respect and lots of TLC (tender, loving, care). I’ve always wanted to work with wildlife and domestic animals. I volunteer my time at the local SPCA to take the dogs for walks. I started modeling when I was about 14 years old and since then its always been a passion of mine. I’ve always loved swimming. I have achieved my levels 1-10, my Bronze Medallion and First-Aid. I will be pursuing to get my Bronze Cross to become a lifeguard. I love cooking and always have since I was little. My favourite meal is maple glazed salmon with greek salad. Mmm! I love Seafood.

My reason for joining this pageant is because I want to make a difference in people’s lives. My platform is drug & alcohol awareness.  My brother Shawn passed away of a drug overdose and my mother got into a motor vehicle accident due to a drunk driver and suffered major injuries. My brother had two sons and they are now left without a father. Drugs and alcohol affect so many lives everyday. Seeing my mother, nephews friends of my brothers and myself go through the grief and pain of no longer having my brother on this earth with us was and still is an unexplainable feeling. It has made a major impact on my life. It has made me a stronger person. I want to speak out to teenagers about the history of my life and let them know drugs and alcohol can kill or severely injure a person. It also not only hurts the victims life but, other people. Example are, family, friends and even strangers.

Secondly, I want people to be aware of cancer. My grandmother, uncle and auntie were all affected by cancer. My grandmother passed away this year. My auntie is doing well after chemotherapy. My uncle is in palliative care. It has been a rough 2 years in my life but, I managed to stay strong and get through it all with the help of family and friends.

Thanks to the sponsors Shasha Bread Co, for their wonderful healthy snacks and to the Internet marketing firm PageOne for helping with all the personal blogs for the Miss Teen Canada Pageant.

Last but, not least. I’m a strong unique individual. I want to show everyone in this world that they are all their own kind of beautiful. Beautiful in there heart, mind, and soul. I was taught in my traditional native culture that beauty is also caring, thoughtful, loving, kind, and respectful. I follow my native culture to stay grounded.

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