Twiggy Danica Cox Miss Teen Saskatoon

Twiggy Lawson has had many accomplishments in her life; being a famous supermodel, singer, and actress.

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Twiggy Danica Cox Miss Teen Saskatoon

The name ‘Twiggy’ is widely known around the world. Twiggy was advertised through many different ways; posing in photographs, magazines, commercials, records, and even having her own Twiggy Barbie doll. She has been documented in several books including Twiggy In Black And White, Twiggy’s Guide To Looking Good, Twiggy, Twiggy Über Twiggy, and Twiggy By Twiggy. She has also put together a book called ‘Twiggy: A Life in Photographs’, which is a photograph book emphasizing the importance of building a strong relationship between model and photographer.

Twiggy Danica Cox Miss Teen Saskatoon

Having a lifelong dream of becoming a fashion designer, Twiggy has created a clothing and accessory line with HSN called ‘Twiggy LONDON’. Twiggy incorporates her unique London style in her designs, adding personality and a recognizable touch of Twiggy.

She has also designed a new collection with Marks & Spencer, Twiggy for M&S Women, featuring chic summer dresses, blazers, trousers, tops, and lightweight scarfs.

Aside from the fashion and arts industry, Twiggy actively involved in supporting numerous animal rights groups and contributing to breast cancer research.

Being an iconic image in the fashion industry, Twiggy has influenced and inspired myself and many other fashion enthusiasts to achieve their dreams.

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Twiggy Danica Cox Miss Teen Saskatoon

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