I had the opportunity to cover the 2012 Calgary Heart and Stroke Foundation Fashion Show. I interviewed celebrity models; this included Brett Wilson of CBC TV ‘Dragons Den’. Brett sported a camo jacket with red accents on the runway.

The Promotion People Brett Wilson

Brett Wilson
“I really enjoyed the simplicity of the show; there was no eccentric hair and makeup. I could tell the audience really had fun.”

Danica Cox The Heart Truth

The Heart Truth fashion show was more than just casual conversations with champagne and oeur d’oeurvs; it was night dedicated to raising charitable funds for The Heart and Stroke Foundation. The collaboration between celebrity models and local fashion designers made the event a success; creating awareness through the symbolism of the ‘Red Dress Showcase’. The red dresses worn by the celebrity models were auctioned off at the end of the night.

Sophie Serafino, an international violinist, started off the night with her passionate performance. Sophie wore a dress by Marsina King, the Creative Director / Owner of MaNoKin Design.

Danica Cox Marsina King

Tara Slone, co-host of City TV’s Breakfast Television, followed wearing a design by Haithem Elkadiki.

Danica Cox Haithem Elkadiki

Jill Belland, an award winning television host on Breakfast Television, complimented a dress sewn by Rachel Haggerty.

Danica Cox Rachel Haggerty

Zahra Al Harazi, CEO and Creative Director of Foundry Communications, wore a dress designed by the talented Aleem Arif.

Danica Cox Aleem Arif

Tara Nelson, the 6 p.m Anchor for CTV Calgary, showcased a garment by Chantel Traub.

Danica Cox Chantel Traub

Diane Konihowshi, Olympic athlete and Heart Truth counsel member, wore a dress designed by Canadian fashion designer Rebecca King.

Danica Cox Rebecca King

Sandra Jansen, Member of the Legislative Assembly, showcased a piece by Calgary based designer Anya Getzlaf.

Danica Cox Anya Getzlaf

Dr. Amirault-Ryan, a sport performance consultant, wore a gorgeous detailed gown by Malika Rajani.

Danica Cox Malika Rajani

Linda Olsen from Calgary’s Global TV News modeled a dress by Lara Presber.

Danica Cox Lara Presber

Michelle Cameron Coulter, a six-time World Champion and Olympic gold medalist in Synchronized Swimming, modeled a gown by Tara Niscak.

Danica Cox Tara Niscak

Sunday Omony, a Ugandan-Canadian Plus Size Supermodel and Humanitarian, wore a couture gown by Tracey WardKerr.

Danica Cox Tracey WardKerr

I also had the opportunity to interview fashion designer Aleem Arif, the owner of Bano eeMee designs. Bano eeMee’s Fall 2012 collection was showcased at premier fashion events throughout Western Canada: Park Show, Vancouver Fashion Week 2012, and Western Canada Fashion Week.

Danica Cox Aleem Arif

Danica Cox Bano eeMee

Interview with Aleem Arif

What were your inspirations for Bano eeMee’s fall 2012 collection?
A lot of my inspiration comes from the places I have traveled to and the people I have met. I wanted to create pieces that were wearable but edgy and fashion forward. All Bano eeMee products are crafted with love from pattern drafting to the final stitch on the garment and this attention to detail manifests itself in the choice of materials and concentration on minute details such as use of vintage buttons and woven silk lining.

Congratulations on showcasing your designs at premier fashion events throughout Western Canada. What’s next for Bano eeMee?
I have my sights set on Montreal and Toronto to help draw attention to the rapidly growing fashion scene in Western Canada. I feel that Canadian fashion has tremendous potential and I want to represent that through my professionalism, hard work and creativity.

Most memorable moment in your fashion career thus far?
When my parents watched the live stream of my Vancouver Fashion Week show in New York and called me right after to tell me that I should never give up my dreams.

Any advice to aspiring fashion designers and those interesting in entering the fashion industry?
I was an aspiring designer little over a year ago. Patience, tenacity and focus can help you achieve anything. I still have long ways to go to deserve the label of a fashion designer but I am working my way towards that goal little by little each day.

Anything else you’d like to share?
I would like to thank all my friends and well wishers in the local fashion industry who have been a constant source of encouragement and have told me to work hard and dream big. I am very grateful to be a part of this creative industry.

– Find more information on Aleem Arif’s designs by visiting banoeemee.com.

Danica Cox Sophia Models

Sophia Models International featured the fall collections from Bellissima, The Bay, Jack Jones, Lacoste, and Paul Hardy.

Event coordinators, Sophia Models, volunteers, hair stylists, and makeup artists made the charity event a success. Everyone worked to support The Heart and Stroke Foundation; together creating a fantastic evening.

Positive messages dominated the event.

Tova Dybvig – Health Reasearch Coordinator at The Heart and Stroke Foundation
“Amazing foundation where everyone is so positive and wants to work towards a cause.”

Binzento – Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger
“It’s important to support local designers; meet and greet outside your regular fashion district.”

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