Being a fashion enthusiast, I created a Lookbook account at The website features ‘street style’ from around the world. Founded in 2008, the editorless fashion magazine showcases art, culture, and fashion inspirations of real people.

However, there are 10 rules that lookbook members must follow:

1. Full body photos are required.
2. Outfits must be unobstructed, clearly visible and free of text and other distractions.
3. No more than one look per photo.
4. YOU must be in the photo.
5. No more than 3 views of an outfit.
6. DO NOT repost photos.
7. DO NOT post commercial ads or any form of spam.
8. DO NOT post photos that don’t belong to you.
9. No nudity.
10. No photos of children (under the age of 13). has inspired me to show my creativity through photography and fashion. Just how people can wear a costume to emphasize a part in a play, my style of fashion emphasizes my personality in my day to day life. Follow my lookbook account!

Fashion Reservations
Fashion Reservations Miss Teen Saskatoon Danica Cox

Wishing Well
Wishing Well Miss Teen Saskatoon Danica Cox

Women In Menswear
Women In Menswear Miss Teen Saskatoon Danica Cox

Don’t Tread On Me
Don't Tread On Me Miss Teen Saskatoon Danica Cox

Whiteout Miss Teen Saskatoon Danica Cox

à la mode
à la mode Miss Teen Saskatoon Danica Cox

Between Sunrise and Sunset
Between Sunrise and Sunset Miss Teen Saskatoon Danica Cox

Lookbook gives one a chance to represent themselves by the clothes they wear. Visit and start creating your own fashion looks!

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