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My Dream Vacation with S-Trip!

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would choose England as the location of my dream vacation.

I chose England as my selected destination for a few reasons. My father, aunties, and grandparents all grew up in England. They
immigrated to Canada a few years after my father was born. I have never had the chance to visit the beautiful place where my family originated.

England is a place that I want to travel to because I have heard wonderful stories about United Kingdom. I also want to travel there to meet my relatives that I have never had the opportunity to meet. I want to build relationships with my family over seas; we would have many stories to tell each other!

I would love to take my brother Daniel with me. My brother and I live in different houses now, so I don’t get to see my brother as often as I would like. Visiting England together would benefit our relationship; gaining lifelong memories and appreciation of our heritage.

While visiting England, there are many sights I would love to see.

• Big Ben
• Buckingham Palace
• Westminster Abbey
• Tower Bridge
• London Eye
• Abbey Road
• St. Paul’s Cathedral

I think my brother would love the opportunity to learn more about our family from England. My brother is interested in obtaining his United Kingdom citizenship, so that one day he has the option to move to England!

Our uncle Chas, who owns Roberts Cycles, would take my brother and I for a bike ride; showing us the famous landmarks and culture of England. He would introduce us to the rest of our family residing in England. We would form new relationships and take photos to add to our family photo albums.

To have the opportunity to travel to England would be an unforgettable experience! S-Trip offers tours called the Euro Adventure. The Euro Adventure tour that I would choose would be Essential Europe. The Essential Europe tour takes you to 8 different countries including England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Germany, and The Netherlands.

Other Euro Adventure Tours:

Bravo Italia
Greek Island Hopper
Iberian Voyager

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