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As Miss Teen Saskatoon – World 2012, I am proposing a new television show that showcases fashion on a whole new level and documents the real lives of young entrepreneurs across Canada.

The thing that catches people’s interest is not only the clothing itself, the upcoming designers, or the new fashion trends; it’s about the young entrepreneurs and how they started it all.

In my television show, Fashion Culture, we dig deeper into the fashion world. We discover the young entrepreneurs that have came from nothing, and have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry.

The genre of our show would be a documentary; shown on Fashion Television and also TLC. The co-stars would be myself, Danica Cox – Miss Teen Saskatoon, and Kayla Wharton – social psychologist. Together we would provide enthusiasm and insight when interviewing the guests.

Our two sponsors would be S-Trip! and MAC Cosmetics. S-Trip would provide our flights across Canada to visit the different cities, and MAC makeup, would sponsor the make-up for the show.

By interviewing these young businessmen and women, we uncover their intriguing and untold stories. This opportunity allows the viewers to connect with these people on a more personal level and allows the entrepreneurs to promote their brand.

Our television crew would travel around to different Canadian cities, exploring fashion culture by interviewing storeowners and featuring their shops in each episode. We would visit a different city every episode and feature 4 or 5 different young business owners with trendy new stores.

For each business owner, we would have him or her share their background information and history. We would ask questions like how they came to be young successful business owners, how long they have been in business, annual income, new clothing lines/designers, current trends, and what they have in mind for the future. After sharing their testimony, the entrepreneurs will share advice for up and coming entrepreneurs and designers; giving them inspiration and hope to achieve their own dreams.

Fashion culture is a show that is more than just the clothes.

– It’s not just about the store; it’s about the story.

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