Thanks to The Cooper Wealth Management Group for their sponsorship for my journey towards Miss Teen Canada.

Danica Cox Miss Teen Saskatoon - Daryl Cooper

The Cooper Wealth Management Group is a dedicated team of professionals specializing in Portfolio Management and Wealth Advisory Services. Aside from their unique and exclusive money management system they offer financial planning, retirement planning, tax savings and life transition planning.

Meet the team!

The Daryl Cooper GroupDaryl Cooper– Owner, Sr. Vice President, Sr. Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager, Financial Planner
Karen Smith– Administrative Assistant, Portfolio Manager, Financial Planner
Raymonde Earle– Associate Wealth Advisor, Financial Planner
Brooks Barks– Investment Associate, Financial Planner
Marilyn Baraniecki– Investment Representative
Chris Judd– Estate & Insurance Specialist, BMO Nesibtt Burns Financial Services
Kristin Bartok– Administrative Assistant

Visit for more information on The Cooper Wealth Management Group!

The Cooper Wealth Management Group

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