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Jenna Taryn, an award-winning photographer, has been displaying her creativity through the visual art of photography for 6 years. Jenna is educated in Design and Photography; she earned a diploma from Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton.

I was fortunate to have Jenna as the photographer for the new SPCA ad campaign. She does amazing work!

Miss Teen Saskatoon Danica Cox SPCA

Jenna is currently working on a 365 project, where she takes one photo each day for a year. The photos display Jenna’s individuality and showcase her natural talent for photography.

Take a look at Jenna’s 365 project!

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• Engagement/Couples Session
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• Wedding

Contact Information

Facebook: Jenna Taryn
Flickr: Jenna Taryn Photography and Design’s photostream

Visit for more information!

Jenna Taryn Photography

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