Had an amazing day today at the bowmanville zoo with the most amazing pageant girls! We had a blast meeting the baby tiger and lion we then met the cutest little lemur. We then went to the Eaton centre for lunch where we ate at the Richtree taco truck. As all of us pageant girls were standing in line to order our food we had people waving and taking pictures of and with us, it was very cool because I’ve never had so many people want pictures with me before so I had a lot of fun doing that and meeting new people. At the taco truck I ordered the fish burrito! It was one of the best fish burrito I’ve ever had, I would definitely go back for one of them again. The toco truck was so cute! You ordered at the front of the truck and within minutes you got your order right out the back. Everyone that worked there were so nice they would smile and take pictures with us. Thanks you Richtree Toco truck for supplying all of the miss teenage canada delegates with lunch we all enjoyed it very much! Can not wait to see what the rest of the week brings.

Written by: Brooklyn Fehr
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