Life is like cycling. Sometimes it’s uphill, sometimes the wind is at your back, and sometimes you get a flat. But you can always look forward to the scenery changing.

Cycling has come a long way in the last 40 years. The popularity of cycling has skyrocketed. Organized cyclist clubs in Saskatchewan are extremely active. There are bike paths throughout the province and numerous cycling groups out for a ride. Join a cycling club! Visit the Saskatchewan Cycling Association website for more information!

Bike design and fashion has changed incredibly over the years. Technology has changed but bikes are considered highly collectable. There are bikes now parents can take their children on attached bicycles so the kids can be passengers or so that the kids can petal. There are tandem bikes, which are bicycles built for two. There is also a very unique bike called the Penny Farthing, which was named after English coins. The bike is called a ‘Penny Farthing’ because the front wheel is big, like a penny, and the back wheel is tiny, like a Farthing, which was only worth ¼ of a cent.

Exercise is great for building family relationships and memories. I have had the pleasure of living in the country and remember biking around our neighborhood with my friends. Going for bike rides was one of my earliest memories of family activities. Learning how to ride a bike is a major step towards independence during adolescence. When I was just 3 years old I was speeding down the road; leaving my dad impressed.

Cycling has been a unifying activity in my family. My dad started telling me about my grandfather who was a cyclist in England. He met my grandmother through cycling and he was in the Olympic trials. My father and my grandfather were founding members of the Regina cycling club and started time trials and road races in the Regina area. The popularity of cycling has grown tremendously; there are now numerous cyclists clubs in Regina. Like the Regina Cycling Club on Facebook!

Cycling is a lifetime activity. Being 88 years old, my grandfather’s health is unfortunately deteriorating but is still able to get out on a bicycle and participate in the activity that he truly enjoys.

This is a photo taken of my grandparents, aunties, and my dad “on the go” in the 1970’s. They were featured in the daily newspaper in Regina in a human interest article on their family interest in cycling.

My dad, 40 years later, still has a passion for cycling.

Jon Cox

For my 19th birthday my grandfather gave me a handmade Roberts bike, which I consider a family heirloom. When I went for my first ride on my Robert’s bike, I realized why my family fell in love with cycling. Roberts’s bikes are handmade bikes used by professional cyclists in England. They are very lively and quick to ride; being used by professional riders throughout Europe. My cousin in England is taking over his fathers business, continuing the Roberts legacy. Visit!

Danica Cox Miss Teen Saskatoon

Learning how to ride a bicycle on city streets is as difficult. The consequences of any distractions could be serious. People never forget how to forget to ride a bike, but we often forget bicycle safety. There has been many experienced riders who have had accidents. Joycelin Lovell was a very talented cyclist from Canada. He has won many national titles and gold metals but during the Olympics was killed on a training ride by a vehicle. Remember to always wear a helmet and pay attention to your surroundings.

There are many positives about cycling. It is a great way to build relationships; it provides the opportunity to visit and have conversation with friends and family. Next time you are going to see your friend in the neighborhood, leave your car at home. Cycling truly is an exhilarating way to travel. It’s like having your own convertible and you don’t have to put any gas in it. It is a great past time for sight seeing; you can often rent bikes when traveling to see the sights. Cycling is also great for looking at nature. From cycling in the country I have learnt to appreciate nature; seeing coyotes, birds, and deer.

Cycling is a skill that will last a lifetime. Ride your bike!

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