Hi everyone,

The 2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada has officially begun!

I flew in from my hometown of Saskatoon yesterday to compete as a delegate. My plane arrived safely (only minor turbulence occurred) at Pearson Airport in Toronto at 10:30 am.

I spent some time at the hotel before the Welcoming Party started, and it was so nice to get to know my fellow pageant sisters!! We had some really good bonding moments; my favourite ones were when we played Heads Up on our phones! Trying to act out what was on the screen was a lot of fun. We shared a lot of laughs together!!

I was so excited to arrive in Toronto. It felt so surreal to me, like it wasn’t actually happening. It felt like I was in a dream. It’s crazy to think that I’m finally here at nationals! I was a little nervous to meet the other delegates because I was worried they wouldn’t like me, but we all hit it off so well. Everyone is so nice, and I already love these girls. We have all helped each other out already, whether it’s straightening our crowns or checking for food in teeth!


As soon as we all arrived at the airport


Group selfie!!


The first full group of girls I met at the airport

I was really excited to meet my roommate for the week here, and I was paired with Samantha Pierre, Miss Teenage Ottawa! Be sure to check out her blog, http://missteenottawa.com  She and I make a great team. We have set reasonable boundaries to make sure we enjoy our stay, but don’t annoy the other one! We are already super close, and I am so thankful that I was paired with such an amazing girl!


Sam, my roommate, and I goofing off in our room

The Opening Ceremonies didn’t start until 6:30 pm, so it gave all of us delegates lots of time to bond and get settled into our rooms. When we arrived at the ceremonies, the ballroom was gorgeous. There were so many different sponsor stations, and they all had beautiful displays of their products for us to see. It was packed pretty full once all of the delegates were in the room, but the atmosphere was electric; everyone was feeding off of each other’s energy and excitement!

We each received official Miss Teenage Canada ball caps and shirts to wear to events, along with other goodies from our sponsors.

We had so many amazing sponsors at the opening ceremonies, including the following:



With a lady from Nuvango who helped me pick out my shirt!


My new shirt, courtesy of Nuvango. Thank you so much!!

This was the first station I stopped at, as all of the bright colours on their table caught my eye. They provided some beautiful pieces of clothing for each of the delegates, all with stunning designs based on art. They even had a full length mirror for us to pose in front of! I chose to take a gorgeous tank top that I fell in love with at first sight. The artwork on it is so amazing; I knew I had to have it. A huge thank you goes out to Nuvango for giving all of the delegates our new clothes!

Check them out at https://www.nuvango.com



Golden Glamour Goddesses

This lovely company provided spray tanning services for the delegates who wanted it at an affordable price! Each delegate received a gift package with a special beauty item in it; mine had a nice body butter in it. Thank you so much for keeping my skin looking and feeling its best!


With the ladies of Golden Glamour Goddesses

Check them out at http://www.gggodesses.com




V.P.I. Canada

This company that sells sunglasses and reading glasses was so nice to us, generously donating a pair of sunglasses to each of the delegates to keep us looking stylish while protecting our eyes from the sun. I received the black Mirror Framed Sunglasses with Top Bar (#2517), which look amazing and are affordable, too, at only $28.00. Buy them here at https://www.vpicanada.ca/SUNGLASSES/mirror-framed-sunglasses-top-bar-2517/

They have such a wide selection of styles, colours, and shapes! Be sure to check them all out at http://www.vpicanada.ca


Looking stylish in my VPI sunglasses


Ryall Golf

It’s not an easy feat to teach me sports, and yet, these guys were able to do it! I’ve never played golf in my life, and with some short lessons from them, I was able to actually hit the ball and make it move! The instructors were so good and patient! They treated us like royalty (the crowns make an impact!) and truly made our experience amazing. Our trip to the golf course wasn’t until Wednesday, but they have been great to us since we first met them at the opening ceremony.


Playing golf at the course


At the Ryall Golf booth at the opening ceremony

I highly recommend going to their golf course to get lessons if you want to learn how to play golf! Visit their website at https://www.bradleeryall.com/ and their other social media platforms; https://twitter.com/ryallgolf https://www.facebook.com/Bradlee.ryall https://www.instagram.com/ryallgolf/


Sweets Canada

If you are ever looking for a unique chocolate experience, this is the place to go! I didn’t think I would be able to ever find a chocolate bar that was so unique, yet I did! All of the ones I sampled were delicious, but my favourite was the Banana Caramel Cinnamon one. They gave each of the delegates a bag with a bar of chocolate and a box of mini chocolate covered foods. I ended up getting the Banana Caramel Cinnamon one I loved so much along with yummy White Chocolate covered Cashews! Unfortunately, I ate all of it before I could take a picture! I am so grateful that I was able to get their chocolates

Visit them at http://sweetscanada.com/products#!/gourmet-chocolate-bars/c/14936871


The people from Hashtagio supported us all by creating a blogosphere for #missteenagecanada2016, while also giving us some helpful tips on how to improve our blogging and social media skills! Thank you so much! Check them out at http://www.hashtagio.com


We have a few other sponsors who couldn’t attend the opening ceremony, but will be visiting us later in the week, including:

Archer’s Arena (we visited them on Thursday, and had a blast shooting a bow and arrow! Visit them at http://www.archersarena.com/#combat-archery-Toronto)

Rimmel London

Sally Hansen

Archer Dental

Fish’d by Edo

Storia PR Inc.

Yogen Fruz


To sum up, I was already having an amazing time by the end of the first night in Toronto. I know the rest of the week will be just as good or better!!

With love,


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