Blackout Creative

I was recently introduced to Simon Crevaux-Plouffe, a talented artist and designer. Simon’s creativity is shown through his artistic works. He is the sole designer of the Quiznos’ Miss Teen Saskatoon Sub poster, promoting my efforts towards the national pageant in Toronto.

Miss Teen Saskatoon Sub Quiznos

Simon demonstrates his wide-range of talent through his work.

Blackout Creative

Blackout Creative

Blackout Creative

Global Vision Logo Blackout Creative

Simon has been designing since he was young and has proved his work to be professional. He has grown progressively as an artist over the years; turning his art into a business by creating Blackout Creative in July 2010. After starting his website (, he noticed the benefits- people starting becoming aware of his raw talent and appreciating his work.

Contact Simon if you need:

• Poster design
• Logo design
• Graphic design
• Screen-printing
• Branding/Identity
• Art Commissions
• Birthday Cards
• Murals

Visit Simon’s website!

Phone: 1.306.261.0026
Facebook: Simon Crevaux-Plouffe
Twitter: imkreva

Blackout Creative

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